Date (last line): “Noon of the fifteenth day” (early to mid-19th century)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 4
Remarks: last line bears a seal, with two Tibetan syllables: “Thog rgyal”.


  1. khri thob bkra shis thog rgyal dku zhabs gnas |
  2. nyes lam du | blo smad rgan las byed tshang mang rnam la (yig ges) nges gos | da lam rang res spon lung nang gi sung khros dang
  3. ma zad lung ba yas mad kyis sung khros dzad gos ’dug bas | yig ge thong ’bral du can rtsug rnam dang mi grag rnam ’ong lug gyis gyis | zhes go bar byed pa’i (yig ge)
  4. ’di (pho brang) bkra shis nas tshes 15 la nyin phyed la thon ba gsong (seal)

A summons from Khri thob bKra shis thog rgyal, to the headmen and officials of Lower Lo (i.e. Baragaon) concerning the outstanding issues to be discussed (sung khros < gsung ’phros). As soon as this document has been seen the overseers (can rtsug < spyan btsug) and important people (mi grag < mi drag) should come. This letter has been written from the palace of bKra shis [sdings] (in Dzar) on mid-day of the 15th day of the month.

Khri thob bKra shis thog rgyal was a Duke of Baragaon who was active in the first half of the 19th century. bKra shis sdings is the name of the family’s house in the settlement of Dzar.