Date: Fire Sheep year, 1st month, 1st day (1847 or 1907)
Lines: 9 lines of text, 5 lines of names
Script: ’khyug


  1. mi rjes dgong ma sku zhabs stags lha dbang rgyal (rin po che) zhabs ’drung nas
  2. snga zhabs gsu khod pa’i rted sham gsal
  3. rnam la phyags rtam nges gos | ’don snying | kha sngon mkhyed ni/gi lam brgyud gis khrus
  4. chod ma ’byung pa la | kho po rnam nas lud kal nas ra tho grang cis med pa
  5. rtong phyar ’ded song zer nas | sham gsal rnam gi min gsu | kha sngon dzwa
  6. her gi bha bri dpon la bul ’byung pa | ’des thogs zhabs cod pa la phyags
  7. rtam snga | shi pas (bkra shis) thong bral du mar nyur bdu yong lugs (mkhyen mkhyen)
  8. ma yong par (’byung tshe) | shis pas gi smi rtang par khrig yong pas glo slang
  9. gyi | me lugs zla ba 1 bo tshed 1 nyin thon
  10. stab shil

Letter issued by Mi rje gong ma sku zhabs sTag lha dbang rgyal rin po che, probably a highranking lama of Baragaon residing in Dzar, to ten people of Te who names are listed below. It is said (by the people of Tshug?) that these Tepas herded (across Tshug’s territory) an innumerably large number of goats loaded with dung. Some time ago the Tshugpas submitted a petition (dzwa her gi bha bri < Nep. jāher bādi) to the lord accusing the undernamed Tepas. Later on, when the matter was investigated, five (? snga < lnga?) sealed letters were…; as soon as the addressees see the author’s guard (shi pas < Nep. sipai) bKra shis they should come down promptly (nyur bdu < myur du). If it happens that they do not come, he has decided that his guard should not let them go but bring them (?smi rtang par khrig yong pas glo slang < mi gtong bar ’khrid yong pa blos blangs?). Fire Sheep year, first month, first day. List of concerned Tepas follows.