Date: none given
Lines: 9
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

  1. rgyal bzhabs
  2. sa skyong mi dbang mchogs gis zhabs drung du

10. la cha gnas mi mdzad gsung na | de lug gi bka’ gsal khyab phye pa myur du gnang pa lags

The nomads of the northern plateau have come according to past custom (i.e. the annual supply of Tibetan salt has arrived at the Mustang border). The first traders of Baragaon, the people of Taye, have arrived, and they are therefore acting in accordance with traditional practice. The nomads have a little extra salt. The quantity (of salt or grain?) is short by 60 ’bo. The northern nomads are not late.

This is apparently a letter from the King of Lo (rgyal zhabs) to the rulers of Baragaon (sa skyong mi dbang). The people of Baragaon are late in coming up to the border to trade grain for salt, and are therefore not acting in accordance with the rules of the Dolpo Kushog (? bgro lo sku tshab). The title of kushog (sku zhabs) is said to have been reserved for whichever nobleman of Baragaon had the right to collect taxes in Dolpo.