Date: Water Sheep year, 11th month, 27th day (1823)
Lines: 19
Script: ’khyug ma tshug

Short transliteration

  1. si ri brgyal zhab
  2. chu lug zla ba 11 pa’i tshes 27 nas gzung / snga zhabs kyis dngul song tho la / ’jid sman shing la dngul 4 song

20. ’di rnams yan la dngul la sas song

Line 1 states simply si ri rgyal zhabs. The document is apparently a list of annual expenses incurred by Baragaon (l.2 snga zhabs kyis dngul song tho la). Most of the beneficiaries have Nepali names; thus one entry concerns 10 rupees to a colonel of Tansen (l.2 btang shing dkar snel). Sums have also been spent in Kathmandu, Thak and a certain amount has also been given to the Nobleman (ga ga) Gung rgyal. It is the name of the latter that makes it possible to identify this Water Sheep year as 1823 (see HMA/Te/Tib/61).