Date (not clear): Tiger year, month (not given), 18th day
Lines: 17
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

1. gtso ’dzin (mchog gi) mnga’ khul glo smad yul rgan po dar po mtshos ba’i rgan mis mangs – (yig ge)
17. rang rnams phrim ’og ’dus lugs ci zang byes zhes rten lha gos bcas glo stos mngal ’bang nas stag zla ba’i tshes 18 la phul pa dge

Letter sent from Upper Lo to “the headmen and ordinary people, foremost among whom (mtshos < gtsos) is the Headman Dar po, of the land of Lower Lo, the realm (mnga’ khul) of the excellent chieftain (gtso ’dzin)”, thanking the addressees for their earlier letter, and concerning trade regulations between trading partners (l. 5 kha ya) Upper Lo, Lower Lo, Thag, Som and Nyeshang. Various taxes (l. 5 dza gha < Nep. jaga) are to be paid at Chongkhor, Kag etc.