Date: Earth Bird year, 11th month, 28th day, Thursday (January 1910)
Lines: 4
Script: ’khyug


  1. sa bya zla 11 tshes 26 la | slo rgyal su rted | tshugs steng shed | tsang sle | brgya gar | phen lag bcas su khur lcang ’phog nges sshri rgyal khab chen pos
  2. bka’ tham yod rkyang | da cha ssri rig ma hāra ’dzā chen pos ’u khum |cho| ji gong don bzhin zla dang po nas zung khur lcang gong pa rtsang |g|rol yong rgyu a zhang
  3. bzang tog lags gyi zhu ten ṭam dmar lnga rgya thams tshugs te khyu gan la rgen zla dang po zhag la khur lcang mi len pa gong pa tsang grol du bsong pa
  4. tshang mas bde ’jags byed | bzhes srid ’dzin ngo mas gong tshes la sprad |

Left margin

  1. khur lcang gong yang du song bas slo rgyal phyags thams skas nang zhin snags skāl bres shus | [1S] chad
  2. med pa khod pa’i |1|n |dpon| dbang nas gsnang pa’i (seal)

Te, Tshug, Taye (steng shed), Gyaga, Tsele and Phelag have been duty-bound to provide khur chang dues to the realm of Lo. There is a signed order from the government of His Majesty the King [of Nepal], and now, furthermore, a royal decree…will come into effect that, from the first month, the khur chang dues are to be abolished. ‘Uncle’ Zangdog made a request to this effect, and after paying 500 ṭam [250 rupees] in coin, from the first month onward you shall not be liable for khur chang dues but shall be exempted from them. All may dwell in peace.
Issued by the ruler on Thursday, the seventh day of the seventh month in a Wood Dragon year.

Left margin
A duplicate (snags skāl < Nep. nakal), with neither additions nor omissions ([lhag?] chad), of a document bearing the seal of the king of Lo, abolishing the khur chang tax.