Date: Thursday, the 5th day in the 9th month of a Fire Tiger year (1866)
Script: ’khyug   
Lines: 14
Remarks: text difficult to read because of dark paper and pale ink.
Square seal on 13th line; round seal on 14th line.

Part of the legal case presented by Lama Rangdrol in his dispute with Lama Rigden over the inheritance of their estate.

First and last lines

1. me stag lo zla dgu pa’i tshes lnga re gza’ span pa la tshogs nam bla ma rang grol dang bla ma tshe dbang ’bum pa pha ’bu gnyis ngos phur ra ang mo ma ’bu

14. phyags stags | de’i phya spang la tshugs pa’i sgan pa tshi ris sri thar sri thar dpal ldan sgan nam kha’ gter nyi ma bkra shis snyis zhugs yig

Since much of this document is illegible it has not been transcribed. It is clear, however, that it is connected with the dispute between Lama Rigden and his younger brother Lama Rangdrol over the division and inheritance of the priestly estate of Lower Tshognam. Two other documents in the archive deal directly with this dispute (although it is mentioned in some later documents too):  HMA/LTshognam/Tib/04 and HMA/LTshognam/Tib/08 (part 2). The first, dated 1860, is a settlement between the two brothers. The second, dated Fire Tiger year (1866), 8th month, was written shortly after the death of Lama Rigden and records an agreement permitting Rangdrol and Rigden’s sister Phurba Angmo to occupy the house in which was residing on the estate until her death. The present document is dated Fire Tiger year (1866), 9th month, and was therefore written a month later than HMA/LTshognam/Tib/08. On behalf of himself and his son Tshewang Bumpa (line 9) the document invokes the will of his late parents, but the argument unfortunately remains unclear.