Date: Fire Rat year, 6th month, 13th day, Thursday (1876)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 10

Resolution of a legal dispute over the use and ownership of a field. Ösal Dorje may keep the field he was given by his uncle Rigden, but, should he wish to sell it, must give first refusal to his cousin Tshewang Bumpa.


  1. me byi zla 6 pa’i tshes 13 re gza’ 5 nyin | tshogs gnaṃ tshe dbang ’buṃ pa dang | ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) gnyis kha cham ’thun
  2. bsgrubs gyis yige (yi ge) ’bris ’don | sngon blaṃ (bla ma) rig ten nas ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) la tshog gnaṃ zhing gcig spred
  3. ’phral bskal khur byas ’dug spar | bde ldon khaṃ mchu ’byung nas ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) nas —1—Zrgyal Zzhabs
  4. su bhin ti zhus nas phyag gtaṃ bde khar thag a smal du dro kab slebs spar brten | gnyis chog brig nas
  5. ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) la zhing bskal pa naṃ stong ’bar la dbu slang ’byes rkyu med par thob pa yin | rgal srid ’od gsal
  6. rdoe (rdo rje) nas zhing tshong phyin tshe dbang ’buṃ pa la ma ’bris par tshong sgyu mi yong | tshong phyin mi nas spred pa’i rin tshe
  7. dbang ’buṃ pa nas spred sgyu mchor pa yin | dgong tshig ’don stam rnams su’i sgal ba ’byung kyang —1— Zrgyal Zzhabs la
  8. dngul suṃ brgya phul ba ngos ma phya zhu ’dren med par phul nus zhus pa la | mi ’gyur pa tshe dbang ’buṃ pa’i lags rtags X (thumbprint [?] and seal)
  9. ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) lags rtags (X and seal) phya spang bri khra a taṃ gsal ’bras | blaṃ (bla ma) thu thob yig ’bris | blam (bla ma)
  10. zla ’rgyal po bcas yod pa’i phyags stags sa hi (seal)

1. kha ’cham 2. yi ge ’bri don; gcig sprad 3. khral skal ’khur byas ’dug par; de don kha mchu byung 4. binti zhus; phyag tham de khar thag amāl; ’gro skabs; par brten; gnyis phyogs bsgrigs 5. stong bar; ’ur slang byed rgyu med; gal srid; ma bris par ’tshong rgyu; sprad pa’i 7. sprad rgyu chod pa; gong tshig don gtam rnams sus ’gal 8. phyag zhu 9. lag rtags; cha dpang; yig ’bri 10. phyag rtags sāhi

Thursday, the 13th day of the 6th month in a Fire Dog year. A document of reconciliation between Tshewang Bumpa and Ösal Dorje, [both] of Tshognam. In the past, Lama Rigden gave Ösal Dorje a field in Tshognam, and he took the responsibility for paying his share of the tax. Following a dispute arose over this, Ösal Dorje submitted a petition to the government authority (lit. “the feet of the realm”), and because an official document on that matter had arrived at the courthouse when he went there (?), the two parties made an agreement: Ösal Dorje shall have the field without there being any contention as long as the world age endures; if Ösal Dorje should [wish to] sell the field, he may not do so without first asking Tshewang Bumpa. It has been decided that, if he does [wish to] sell it, Tshewang Bumpa may pay the same price as that offered by the person [who made the offer]. Whoever violates the above terms shall pay a fine of 300 rupees to the government authority, without making any excuses. In confirmation that they will not diverge from the above agreement, Tshewang Bumpa sets his mark; Ösal Dorje sets his mark. The witnesses is the young man (bri khra < Nep. ṭiṭha?) Aṭam. The scribe was Lama Thuthob. Lama Da(wa?) Gyalpo sets his seal.

This seems to be the original document of which HMA/LTshognam/Tib/08 contains a copy. In the present document, the animal component of the date is not clearly legible, and may be read either as khyi (dog) or byi (rat), suggesting that the year was either 1886 or 1876. The possibility that the byi lo given in HMA/LTshognam/Tib/08 might be the the result of an erroneous interpretation of this syllable should not be dismissed. Unfortunately, the tables in Schuh 1973 do not provide an unambiguous identification since in both years the 13th day of the 6th month was a Thursday. The likelihood that byi is indeed the correct reading is supported by the Nepali document referred to in the commentary to HMA/LTshognam/Tib/08, which gives a date of 1876.