Date: Fire Ox year, 11th month, 12th day, Monday (1877)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 7

Contract for the sale of a field to a couple (from Te) for 50 rupees by someone from Tshug who needs the cash to repay a loan to a third party from Te. The field is the security on the loan, but the creditor wants only cash from the defaulting debtor.


  1. me mo glang lo hlo (hor zla) gcu’ig (gcu gcig) pa’i tshe 12 re za zla ba la bsteng ma nang ga’i bzhing tshogs rnas ’di sted pa nor bu
  2. sridr (srid thar) gyis dngul 45 bo’i bha mdo la yod pa de nur bu sridr (srid thar) gyis nga ni zhing ’di mi byed dngul khyer shogs zer nas | spa sang
  3. phur ba dang | skye sman spa sang sgrol ma 2 la nyos zer bar brtan nas | nga za mi 2 kyis bzhing ’di la dngul 50 byas
  4. nas nyos pa yin | de la mi ngo su thad nas gnyer dang tsher ba | dmar po tshos log snyogs spa lding logs ’dran da
  5. bsar kye[s] byed sa med pa nang gi lags rtags X | yul pa’i gnyer tshes byung na khas len yong zer ba gu ru’i
  6. lags rta[gs] X | de yi cha spang la sted bkun’ (bkun dga’) dun drug | yigs dris tshogs rnas bla ma yin |
  7. bzhing [1]la zo ba 3 sa bo’i nas zo ba ’dun dun lo re la ’dab rgyu chod pa yin |

1. bcu gcig pa’i tshes; re gza’; zhing tshogs 2. banḍhak la;  khyer shog; bar rten; bza’ mi; bzhing ’di 4. su ’thad nas brnyas pa dang gtser ba; rnyogs pa gting slong dran gtam 5. gsar skyes; brnyas gtser 6. cha dpang; yig ’bri; sa bon gyi nas; bdun bdun lo; ’debs rgyu

Monday, the 12th day of the 11th month in a Fire Ox year.  Concerning the Tshognam field that Namkha of Tangma pledged as security for the 45 rupees [that he borrowed from] Norbu Hrithar of Te, Norbu Hrithar said “I don’t want (lit. shall not do) the field—fetch me the money”. Because I, Pasang Purpa and my wife Drolma were asked (lit. told) to buy the field, we have bought it for 50 rupees. There shall be no denial of this agreement by anyone, nor shall the colour red fade, nor shall sediment be raised from the deep, nor shall issues that have been remembered be raised anew, and to this we set our mark. Guru sets his mark to confirm that if villagers should dispute the matter, they will [be persuaded to] accept it. The witness is Kunga Dundrug of Te. The scribe was the lama of Tshognam. The field has a seed-capacity of 3 zo ba  and the annual tax on it [payable to Tshug], is 7 zo ba of barley.