Date: Earth Hare year, 1st month, 15th day (1879)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 5

Contract for the sale of a field to Lama Ösal Dorje for 20 rupees.


§ tshogs rnaṃs bzhing shags thang yige (yi ge) legs |


  1. § sa mo yos lo’i zla dang po’i tshes 15 la blaM (bla ma) ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) dang choskyab (chos skyab) rdoe (rdo rje) gnyis
  2. bzhing nyo ’tshong byas nas bskal ba nam nas ’bar ’bur rtsu la gster tshar pas bde
  3. la (chos skyab) rdoe (rdo rje) nas skad rtse spu byas mi phyogs dngul 20 la thugs thag mchod pa yin |
  4. don phya ’di la mi ’gyur (chos skyab) rdoe’i (rdo rje’i) rtags (seal) bde phya spang la bsted tshe dbang
  5. nor bu yod | bzhing zo pa 2 sa yin | bkris (bkra shis)

2. zhing nyo; nam gnas bar; ’bur rtsu (see note) la bster tshar pa de 3. gtser po (?) byed mi chog; thugs thag chod pa 4. don rtsa; de cha dpang; zhing zo

Document concerning the Shagtang field of Tshognam
15th day of the first month in an Earth Hare year. Lama Ösal Dorje and Chökyab Dorje have engaged in a transaction over a field. As long as the world ages endure, this field has been conclusively sold (lit. given). Chökyab Dorje shall say nothing to contradict this. A price of 20 rupees has been decided on. In confirmation that he will not diverge from this arrangement, Chökyab Dorje places his mark. The witnesses to this are Tshewang Norbu of Te. The field has a seed capacity of 2 zo ba. Blessings.

Line 2, ’bur rtsu: of uncertain etymology, this expression appears in several documents, with different spellings, apparently as a legal formula with the sense of “for ever” or “definitively”.