Date: Iron Snake year, 7th month, 2nd day, Friday (1881)
Lines: 11
Script: ’khyug

Document confirming that a debtor from Tshug is unable to repay his Tepa creditors 40 rupees he owes, and agrees to forfeit the field that he has pledged as security.


’grin rdzin legs |


  1. lcags mo sbrul lo zla 7 pa’i tshes 2 re gza’ dpal bzang la | gter pa bsod (bsod nams) nor
  2. ’bu dang ’du li tsha dbang gnyis gyis dngul 35 rbed nges sbyang mi thub par brten nas ’tshugs nya pa bkris (bkra shis) dang chos skyabs rdoe (rdo rje) gnyis
  3. bsted ’du yong nas chos skyabs rdoe (rdo rje) dang bkris (bkra shis) gzhibs par byas nas sngon gyis gta sug snying ma la phya gnas byas
  4. nas chos skyabs rdoe (rdo rje) ha dgos nas dngul 35 rbed ngos sdo nas rtsis sdo byed nas dngul bzhis bcu la kho bo chos skyabs
  5. rdoe (rdo rje) nas ho ha dgos nas bzhing mda’ sa zo pa 6 bzhis rag sa bskal ba na stong bar la choskyab (chos skyabs) rdoe (rdo rje) nas gter pa yin kho rog
  6. dkar po na gyur gtsang chu sngon mo rgyan logs na yong ’bar la chos skyabs rdoe (rdo rje) nas gter pa rang ’thad gyi rtags X yang bde’is bskor
  7. bzhing mda’ sa bzo pa bzhis la nyon mong ’byung nas khas len so thags nya pha bkris (bkra shis) mi ’gyur pa’is ’gyur pa’i rtags X
  8. yang ’di phya spang nyis ma bkris (bkra shis) | ka mi sri ’thar gnyis bzhugs | yang dgongs bzhing mda’ sa ’phral la ’du li tsha dbang
  9. nas dngul 6 chos skyabs rdoe (rdo rje) lags tu song ’dzin dngul 6 rbed dngul ree (re re) la rbed bzo pa do do bzhing mda’ sa ’phral
  10. gter pa don phya ’di la mi ’gyur choskyabs (chos skyabs) rdoe (rdo rje) rang thad gyi rtags X bde’i phya spang dgongs mi rna bzhugs yod
  11. yig gris bla (bla ma) ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) yin |

’dran ’dzin legs
1. gza’ pa sangs; bed nges 3. zhib par; tamsuk rnying pa la cha nas 4. ha go; bed dngos; byas nas; bzhi bcu 5. nas zhing; 6 zhirag (see note) 6. gyen log nam yong bar; yang de’i skor 7. bzhi la nyon mongs;so thags (?) nyaba (SMT < gnya’ bo); mi ’gyur ba’i {’gyur pa’i} rtags 8. cha dpang; gong zhing; khral la 9. lag tu song ’dzin dngul 6 bed; bed zo ba do do zhing; sa khral 10. ster ba don rtsa; rang ’thad; de’i cha dpang gong mi rnams 11. yig ’bri

Friday, the 2nd day of the 7th month in an Iron Snake year. Since I was unable to pay the loan of 35 rupees that I had taken from Sonam Norbu and Duli Tshewang of Te, my guarantor Yun Trashi and I, Chökyab Dorje of Tshug, came to Te to make a careful examination, and found that according to the loan receipt, Chökyab Dorje understands that the total of the original sum of 35 rupees and the accumulated interest comes to 40 rupees. Chökyab Dorje has given the field called Dasa, with a seed capacity of 6 zo ba and [one] zhirag until the world ages end. Chökyab Dorje freely sets his mark to confirm that he has given this field until the crow turns white, and the blue river flows uphill. If, in the future, there should be any problems in relation to this Dasa field that has a capacity of 4 zo ba, the guarantor Yun Trashi will [testify that] an agreement was concluded (? khas len so thags), and this he confirms by placing his mark.
The witnesses to this are Nyima Trashi and Kami Hrithar.
And furthermore, concerning the tax on this abovementioned Dasa field, Duli Tshewang has given Chökyab Dorje 6 rupees. There will be two zo ba (of barley) of interest from each rupee, and Chökyab Dorje freely sets his mark in confirmation that he will not waver from the purpose of this [6 rupees], which is the payment of the taxes for the Dasa field. The witnesses to this are the same as those named above. The scribe was Lama Ösal Dorje.

The size of the Dasa field in question remains unclear. At the first mention it is described as having a seed capacity of 6 zo ba and 1 zhirag. This appears to be an alteration of an original specification of 4 zo ba, the size that is given in all other mentions of this field, both here and in HMA/UTshognam/Tib/11.
The reason why the Tepa Duli Tshewang gives 6 rupees to the Tshugpa Chökyab Dorje is simply to avoid having to turn up at Tshug’s annual meeting for payment of land taxes. The interest on the non-returnable cash presentation of 6 rupees will be sufficient to cover the taxes on the Tepa’s newly-acquired field.

Line 5, bzhis rag (SMT zhirag): a quarter of a zo ba, as a drugdrag is a sixth of a zo ba.