Date: Fire Dog year, 2nd month, 1st day, Friday (1886)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 21 (12 lines of main text, 9 lines of signatures in two columns).

Document (ra’ zhigs pha rag  < Nep. rāji-patra) issued by the subjects (mnga’ zhabs) of Baragaon to three leaders, in acceptance of their apology for having levied double taxes on the community.


  1. § she (?) | me pho khyi lo zla pa 2 pa’i tshes 1 res 6 la blo smad b.yul bha 18 gan 18 nas ga ga zang dog dang sted ’du li dang rdzong tshe dbang
  2. mi ngo 3 la ra’ zhigs pha rag bris nas krad don la | don tsa sngon lcags ’brugs lo la rdzar sku zhab bhel [p]o [dp]on po zas par rte[n]
  3. de’i ka lon la ga ga zang ’dog dang sted ’du li dang sdzong tshe dbang sridar (srid thar) 3 byas par rten nas | ngos snga zhab nas phral ’dab spar bdus pa’i
  4. dkor la | kha sngon skag bdu phral kyi dkor la snga bzhab nas dzin byang snang nas | ya bu ru si ri rgyal bdu ’dar zhan la
  5. ngos mi ngo 4 zhag 1 kyang ma gyang par sa mil byed gyu dang | gal srid sma bleb phyin ser dngul dbyu byur zang rag dang phyugs rigs skang
  6. zhi sogs la phral ’dab par dthogs la lags gyab kyang man mi zhu zhus nas a dkar bris nas snang pa  la | a dkar yi ge
  7. la ngos zhi nas sas gyab nas snga zhab la phul par sten nas | ’dir rgyal bzhab su ga ga zong (zang rdor) dang tshe dbang sridar (srid thar) dang sdu li 3 bleb
  8. nas | ngos snga zhab nas — 1 rgyal zhab su bhin sti spa star phul nas | khong mi ngo 3 ’khrim zhab nas ’gugs spyang snang nas | ka’
  9. khrim nas ’dar zhan byas bdus | phral ’dab spar blogs dgos ’babs nas | sku bzhab bhel po dgong phud dang | snyed 3 nas
  10. sku khyen kyi res pa dkor nas | snga zhabs la zho ’bul byas nas dngul 140 byang nas | ngos snga zhab thugs ha dgos nas | blar phyin chad
  11. chad nas | khyed {1} 3 la rtsis zhugs yod dang zhib par yod zer pa med dang | rna sprin med dang sa la bud med dang | dbu blang brang skad rtsa
  12. med zer ra zhigs pha rags bris nas krad pa yin | dgong tshigs sde rna la blo smad yul ga 18 gan 18 nas phul ba’i  rtags ——X
    chos khor padma gyur med —X
  13. tab gzhil

Left column

  1. chos khor padma gyur med {rtsos brong re} —X 
  2. blu krag dkar byung rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  3. skag gan skun zang nyi ma rtsos brong res mi res —X 
  4. dpags ling gan tshe ring rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  5. phan lags gan stam drin rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  6. dang rdzong gan sam grub rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  7. sting ri gan o rgyan rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  8. tshug gan nyi ma phun tshog rtsos brong res mi res —X

Right column

  1. gya ga gan steni^n (stan ’dzin) nor bu rtsos brong res mi res —X (seal) 
  2. sa mar gan lam snyed rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  3. dtsang li gan rgyal nor bu rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  4. sted gan ghan gha bdrug sten dzin rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  5. sdzong gan kra shis rnam kyal rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  6. spu ra gan dbyung drung rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  7. sdzar gan shi log rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  8. khye kha gan rgyal tshan rtsos brong res mi res —X  
  9. dpu kra gan span pa tshe ri dtsos brong res mi res —X  

1. yul pa 18 rgan 2. rāji-patra bris; sprad don; don rtsa; lcags ’brug 3. de’i bka’ blon; mnga’ zhabs nas khral ldab par bsdus 4. skor la; khral gyi skor; ’dzin ’chang gnang nas; śri rgyal du brdar zhan la 5. ma brgyang par sāmel byed rgyu;  ma sleb; gser dngul g.yu byu ru zangs rag 6. bzhi sogs; khral ’debs; thog la lag rgyab; akarna (? official record; or hakār, “rebuke”?) yi ge 7. dngos gzhi (?) nas sāhi brgyab nas; ’bul bar brten nas; rgyal zhabs su 8. rgyal zhabs su binti-patra; khrims zhabs nas ’gug ’chang gnang; bka’ 9. khrims nas brdar zhan byed dus; khral ldab pa slog; sku zhabs 10. sku mkhyen gyi re ba skor; zhu ba ’bul; sbyang nas; ha go; slar phyin {chad} 11. gnam la sprin; ’ur langs sbrang skad 12. rāji-patra bris nas sprad; gong tshig de rnams; rgan 18 13. tapsil

Friday, the first day of the second month in a male Fire Dog year. The eighteen headmen of the eighteen villages of Baragaon submit this document (ra’ zhigs pha rag  < Nep. rāji-patra) to the Nobleman Zangdor, Duli of Te and Tshewang of Dzong. The subject is as follows.

After Kuzhab Bhelpo of Dzar became the dpon po in the Iron Dragon year (six years previously [1880–81]), Nobleman Zangdor, Duli of Te and Tshewang Hrithar of Dzong these three people became his agents (bka’ lon,  lit. ministers). They were previously apprehended, at Kag, by the community on a charge of collecting double (’dab par [ldab par]) taxes from the subjects of Baragaon.

When the matter first came to light, four people were selected to go and contest the case in Kathmandu, with the undertaking that if any of them failed to meet his obligations the community could confiscate some of his property. However, the three culprits have been seized now and are present at this meeting. During the enquiry it has been judged that they should return the extra money they took. Kuzhab Bhelpo is excused (dgong phud [phus?]). The three accused, however, humbly request pardon and pay 140 rupees to the subjects, and we, the people who are the subjects, agree never to say that there is an outstanding sum to be paid.

This document is presented with the statement that there shall be no clouds in the sky and no dust on the ground, and no disturbance so much as the buzzing of a fly.

Each of the eighteen headmen of the eighteen villages of Baragaon sets his mark after his name.