Date: Earth Bull year, 1st month, 15th day (1889)
Lines: 6
Script: ’khyug

Loan agreement between Samdrub of Gyaga who has borrowed 3 ’bo khal  and 18 zo ba of grain from Kamishag of Tshognam against a security of two fields. If he cannot repay the loan within 25 days he will forfeit the fields.


  1. sa mo ’glang lo zla ba dang po ’i tshes 15 la tshogs rna bka’ mi shegs nas gyags kha bsa grubs lags tu
  2. ’bru skags zo bod khal gsu dang zo ba bcoyad (bco brgyad) song ’dzin bde ’i ’bang do bzhing ngos rtsa kyu rtsa
  3. gnyis yin zla ba 2 pa’i tshe 10 la sbyang mi thub na dgong gi zhing gnyis ’bud tshong 1S
  4. gyu dchod spa yin ’don phya ’di las mi gyur spa bsagrubs (bsam grubs) rang thad gyid lags brtags X bde yi
  5. mcha’ spang la bu chung yod |
  6. lcags rtags zla tshes la rtsis phyogs byas nas se khal 1 dang
  7. zo ba bzhis las yod

1. glang lo; lag tu 2. ’bo khal; de’i banḍhak zhing 3. gong gi zhing gnyis spus (?) tshong 4. chod pa yin; don rtsa; mi ’gyur ba; rang ’thad kyis lag rtags; de yi 5. cha dpang 6. lcags stag 7. bzhi las

15th day of the 1st month in a Female Earth Ox year. 3 bo khal and 18 zo ba of grain have gone from Kamishag of Tshognam to the hands of Samdrub of Gyaga. The security for this [loan] are the fields named Ngötsa and Kyutsa. If [Samdrub] is unable to repay the loan by the 10th day of the 2nd month [in 25 days’ time] the two fields shall be considered to have been sold. Samdrub willingly sets his mark to confirm that this arrangement should not be altered. The witness to this is Buchung.

— day of the — month in an Iron Tiger year. As far as accounts are concerned, 1 se khal and 4 zo ba are still left [to be paid].

The borrower apparently repaid enough of the debt not to forfeit his fields, but by the time the second part of this document was written, in the following year (Iron Tiger 1890), slightly less than half of the grain he had borrowed had yet to be returned.  Note: 1 ’bo khal = 20 zo ba; 1 se khal = 30 zo ba: the quantity borrowed was 78 zo ba, and 34 zo ba are still owed.
After the signatures, however, there is an appendix, dated Iron Tiger year (the year after the document was originally drawn up), to the effect that 1 se khal  and 4 zo ba are still to be repaid. The fact that a part of the loan was still to be repaid the following year suggests that some arrangement between the two parties other than the forfeit of the two fields was made in the interim.

Line 1, bka’ mi shegs: a woman’s name combining Nep. Kāmi, blacksmith with Seke shegs, the feminine suffix shag.
Line 2, skags zo: the document specifies that the original loan was measured in skags zo, presumably signifying the standard zo ba size for Kag. Concerning other standard zo ba sizes, HMA/UTshognam/Tib/21, commentary.