Date: Iron Tiger year, 4th month, 10th day, Thursday (1890)
Lines: 11
Script: ’khyug ma tshug

Declaration by Phurba Angmo of transfer of ownership of her house and other property to her son, Ösal Dorje. According to the terms of the transfer, Ösal Dorje should also clear the debts owed by Phurba Angmo, and provide her with a lifelong maintenance.


  1. lcags stags zla pa bzhi pa’i tshes 10 re gza’ phur pa la | tshogs gnaṃ a ma phur pa ang mo nas ’bu rtsa blaṃ (bla ma) ’od sal rdoe (rdo rje) la khang pa
  2. ’og gis rtsa ba gram nas rtse mo dar lcog thugs la phyi nor nang nor gang yod gi phog dang | sa zhing phar len brgyu tshur bun len yod pa sbyang rgyu ma zad nga gad
  3. mo las mi nyus pa dug pas bde tham cad rtsis bzhes nas nga nam shi gyag phe gos legs bu len sbyang rgyu yod pa rnaṃs kyang sbyang rog mdzod zer
  4. nas zla tshes dgong ltar gis tshes la phog sprod phul pa la | khang ba gcig | zla ra gnyis | zhing che chung gnyis | bung mo gcig | stab
  5. kya gcig | sla nga gcig | zang chung gcig | bha krug pa gcig | sgaṃ gnyis | lcag kyad gcig | dza ma bzhi | bras gcig bcas yod rtsis bzhes
  6. bzhus pa dang | sbyang rgyu yod pa la | shri (sha ri?) zla pa chung ba la tsha bod khal 2 dang zo pa bdun gyi nas dgong bcuṃ (bcu gsum) sbyang dgos | bsted ka mi choskyabs (chos skyabs) la dngul
  7. gsuṃ bcu sos lnga rbed lo 2 bces sbyang dgos yod | bsted tshi rin sri thar dngul bcuig (bcu gcig) sbyang dgos | bsted jo mo nyima (nyi ma la) dngul 5 sbyang dgos | mar lpags
  8. sad ltogs la tsha bod khal gcig sbyang dgos | krug bcad bri bra kar cung la khang pa zo dus kyi pa’i bras kyis tsha bod khal 5 dang zo pa 19 sbyang dgos |
  9. bsted dkon mchog la rgyab ras zo ba 10 sbyang dgos | bsted go rdol la brgyab ras zo pa 10 nas zo pa 5 tshil lu zo pa gang gi rin sbyang dgos | smon
  10. thang ha ri ba tshi ring rdoe (rdo rje) la bung gu rin ṭam 15 len brgyu yod bzhus | zla tshes bzang po phog phul pa’i dge legs bde’i phya spang bzhu dren mdzad tshugs
  11. tshi ring chos skyabs yin | phya spang bsted ka mi chos skyabs | bsted tshi ri sri thar bcas gsum bzhugs | yig bris bsted dbon po tshul khrims yin legs ||

1. lcags stag; bu tsha; ’gram nas; thug la; len rgyu; nga rgad 3. mi nus pa ’dug; de thams cad; rgyags phye gos lag bu lon; sbyang rogs 4. gong ltar gyi; dara gnyis; bong mo 4.–5. tabkye gcig; zangs chung; batrug (ND < bal dkrug = Tib. li phor; lathed out in Kathmandu, then applied to non-wooden vessels); lcags sgyed; rdza ma; brad gcig 6. zhus pa; tshwa ’bo khal; nas gong 7. so lnga bed; bcas sbyang 9. gyabre (< rgya bra) zo ba 10. bong bu; len rgyu yod zhus; de’i cha dpang zhu ’dren 11. cha dpang

Thursday, the 10th day of the 4th month in an Iron Tiger year. On the date specified above I, Mother Phurpa Angmo of Tshognam, have given over (phog sprod phul) to my son Lama Ösal Dorje the Lower House, from the foundations at the bottom to the prayer flag at the top, as well as whatever external and indoor property there might be, as well as my fields, and all that is owed to me by others, and my debts that he shall pay. And furthermore, since I am now an old woman and unable to work, once he has taken possession of all these things, I have asked him to provide me with sustenance and clothing until my death and to pay all the debts I owe. I have given him one house; two cattle pens; one big and one small field; one female donkey; one saucepan; one roasting pan; one small copper vessel; one bronze drinking bowl; two boxes; one iron tripod; four earthenware pots, and one rake. He should pay the following: to Dawa the Younger of Shari, 13 [zo ba] of barley as the price of one bo khal and 7 zo ba of salt; to Kemi Chokyab of Te, 35 rupees and two years’ worth of interest; to Tshering Hrithar of Te, 11 rupees; to the nun Nyima of Te, 5 rupees; to Setog of Marpha, one ’bo khal of salt; to Dridra Karcung of Tukche, for the rice he lent me when I was building the house, 5 ’bo khal and 19 zo pa of salt; to Konchog of Te, 10 zo ba of sweet buckwheat; to Godol of Te, 10 zo ba of sweet buckwheat, 5 zo ba of barley and 1 zo ba of fat; Hariwa Tshering Dorje of Monthang owes us 15 am for the hire of our donkey. May the transfer of property that has taken place on this auspicious day be blessed. The one who convened the witnesses is Tshering Chökyab of Tshug, and he, Kami Chökyab of Te  and Tshering Hrithar of Te are the three witnesses. The scribe is Önpo Tshultrim of Te.

One of the debts comprises 5 bod khal (< bo khal) of salt in return for rice provided by someone from Tukche while the house that Ösal Dorje is about to inherit was being built, and that the debt to the Marpha creditor also consists of salt. This is because debts of rice incurred from people of Marpha and Thag were normally repaid in the form of salt—a form of long-term barter.

 The identity of the scribe is interesting, since it indicates that the Önpo (dBon po) clan, which has now disappeared, was still present in Te at this time. Regarding the antecedents and migration of this clan, see TSSHM1: HMA/Te/Tib/01.