Date: Iron Tiger year, 9th month, 22nd day, Thursday (1890)
Lines: 7
Script: ’khyug

Receipt of a loan of certain comestibles made by Ösal Dorje to three people from northern Mustang.


  1. lcags stags zla 9 pa’i tshes 22 cha re  gza’ 5 la btshogs rna bla (bla ma) ’od gsal
  2. rdoe (rdo rje) nas tsha sngon gyi pur lcang koon (kon mchog) ’phris (’phrin las) mar lcang gsum gyi gshing
  3. [1S] gi nang bzhing bgo go par ltar mar khu tshang nas sleb pa mar lcang
  4. gi lags nas mar khu zo pa 2 gyis ga lin su sti khu yis lags sbyang rgyu bde’is
  5. lhag ma bsngang lo nas gyis ston gu rtsi stong byes nas mar lcang
  6. lags tu nas byang rgyu don phya ’di la mi gal mar lcang rang thad
  7. gyi rtags X phya spang dkoog (dkon mchog) bris

1. lcags stag 2. gyi shing 3. nang bzhin 4. gnyis geling; lag nas 5. ston ka’i rtsis btang rjes 6. lag tu; don rtsa; mi ’gal; cha dpang dkon mchog bris

Thursday, the 22nd day in the 9th month of an Iron Tiger year. Lama Ösal Dorje of Tshognam has lent the following three people certain commodities in the past, in a Wood — year (animal unreadable due to damage). The people are Purcang Könchog, Trinle and Marcang, [all] from Tshangön, probably a nomad area in northern Lo. Marcang will repay him with the equivalent (ga lin < SMT geling) of two zo ba of oil, and the outstanding amount will be repaid on behalf of Marcang by a third party during the settling of accounts that will be held after the harvest.

Line 4, mar khu: lit. “melted butter”, this is the usually term for edible oil in Mustang. In line 3, however, mar khu tshang seems to refer to the place of that name in northeast Lo, near Chötsong.