Date: Fire Horse year, 2nd month, 15th day, Monday (1906)
Lines: 13
Script: ’khyug

Agreement by seven nuns of Te that, following their recent expulsion from their previous convent in Tshug, they will henceforth be under the tutelage of the lama of Tshognam.


  1. me rta zla pa 2 pa’i tshes 15 re gza’ zla pa nyin mcho[d] tshig yige (yi ge) ’bris don la | gter joo (jo mo) nyima (nyi ma) sgrol
  2. [ma] joo (jo mo) sti^n (bstan ’dzin) chos [1S] | joo (jo mo) nyima (nyi ma) joo (jo mo) spa [sang] | phur bu chos mdzom | su mchog sgr[o]l
  3. ma | joo (jo mo) dngruob (dngos grub) dbang mo | jo chung sheb (shes rab) dbang mo bcas som mdzoms tshugs mgon joo (jo mo) spyi nas lag
  4. drud byas phyir ston yong mi dgos zer nas ston par byas {1S} pa yin bsten la | bla (bla ma) tshog dgongs
  5. su grigs bzhugs ’rgyal khrims bzhes sgo bka’ ’bul chos sgral la bzhugs | slar phyin bya ba leg
  6. nyes dge ’dug byi ltar ’byung rung nga min kho yin pha zhag bu skel la sogs mi nyen grangs
  7. skad byas phyin mi ’thus pas skyid ’dug gcig yin ma tog gnyis med pa rang rang slo glang
  8. ses rgyud rang thad kyi mi res ngo res rtags la | joo (jo mo) nyima (nyi ma) rang thad rtags X bsti^n (bstan ’dzin) chos mdzom
  9. rang thad rtags X {1S} joo (jo mo) nyima (nyi ma) rang thad rtags X joo (jo mo) spa bsang rang thad rtags X phur bu chos mdzom
  10. rang thad rtags X su mchog sgrol ma rang thad rtags | dngruob (dngos grub) dbang mo rang thad rtags X sheb (shes rab) dbang mo
  11. rang thad rtags the po X bdoen’i (bdon de’i) phya spang gter phur bu don grub | nor bu dgra ’dul gnyis
  12. bzhugs |

1. chod tshig 3. som (?) ’dzom tshugs dgon; ’bud nas 4. phyir bton; ’don par; rten la 5. sgrigs zhugs rgyal; kābul chos gral; bya ba legs 6. dge sdug ji ltar; pha gshags bu ’gel; mi snyan sbrang 7. skyid sdug; ma gtogs; blos blangs 8. rang ’thad 9. rang ’thad 10. rang ’thad 11. cha dpang

Monday, the 15th day of the 2nd month in a Fire Horse year. The purpose of writing this document of agreement is as follows. The nuns named Nyima Drolma, Tenzin Cho[—], Nyima, Pa[sang], Phurbu Chödzom, Sumchog Drolma, and Ngodrub Angmo, together with the junior nun Sherab Angmo, all from Te, have been dragged outside by the nuns of Tshug convent, who expelled them with the notification that they need not come back. This document represents an undertaking by the nuns that henceforth they should be affiliated with the temple of Upper Tshognam, and the lama is in favour of this. Henceforth, however well or badly they may behave, there should be no shifting of blame (lit. not me but her), false accusation (lit. falsely burdening the son with the guilt of the father) and so forth, or any unpleasant words so much as the buzzing of a fly, but all should act in a way that is consistent with a single, undivided community.

The document is signed by the seven nuns and two witnesses from Te.

The Tshug convent in question is Gonpa Gang (dGon pa sgang), the now abandoned temple on the west bank of the Kali Gandaki opposite Tshug. The reason for the expulsion of the Te nuns is not given. The nuns of Tangbe were also once associated with Gonpa Gang, but transferred their allegiance to a convent that was newly built in their own village. The reason given for the split was the danger of crossing the Kali Gandaki (one of the Tangbe nuns was swept away to her death), but the separation led to acrimony between the two communities. For further remarks on the association of the nuns of Te with Gompa Gang, see also HMA/UTshognam/Tib/01, commentary.