Date: Fire Horse year ?; month and date not given (1906?)
Lines: 6; one-line title on verso
Script: ’khyug

Contract for a loan of 100 pāthi of grain to a woman of Tshug from a Tepa man, at a rate of 25 per cent interest.



gan ’dzin mdor sdus su ’bul snying


  1. me rta (?) zla tshes la gan ’dzin mdor bsdus su ’bul snying don tsa tshugs nang dag ma tshang phyog nas sted pa bsod nams 1
  2. can la ’di lo’i ’son rtsa dang bu ’phrug gso skyong bya rgyu sogs gang ci’i lag ce kha sduṃ min la brten nas bru bun gnang rogs
  3. dbu len tshar btsugs zhus pa ’d[e] don cing bkrin son par ’bru ngo pa sti 100 | thaṃ pa la skyed ’phri bzhi mas/chas lnga ’gro ’phri ’thus su
  4. phun tshogs lags nas | ’di lo ston dus su rdo zha phugs sog kyi gser lhad med pa ngo skyed grang tshangs gtshang ’bul zhu rgyu ’di don las naṃs
  5. yang mi ’gal zhing | ’gal =i= nga min kho yin kha gcig lce gnyis | bsaṃ btang dran skyed des dus de min sogs kyi ’gal cha
  6. ’gro rigs shar tshes ’ba’ bla dpon Zdgong ma’i bka’ ji tsal ltar gtsang sgrubs zhu rgyu’i bdag bsod nams gyi spyi lags bskor ba’i rtags |

A brief written contract (’gan ’dzin) presented on the—day of the—month. Tshangchog, a housemistress (nang dag ma < nang bdag mo?) of Tshug, has asked Sonamcan of Te to make her a loan of 100 pāthi of grain as her means of livelihood for this year and to take care of her child[ren]. She agrees that at the harvest time this year she will repay the loan in the form of wheat that is unadulterated by stones, moisture or chaff at a ration of 4:5, i.e. 25 per cent. There shall be no violation of this agreement; no reciprocal accusation; no acting as if one had two tongues in one mouth; no new raising of recollected issues.