Date: none given, probably 1907
Script: ’khyug ma tshug
Lines (Doc. 27): 24

A formal reply submitted by Ösal Dorje and four others to the complaint made against them in HMA/UTshognam/25.

Note: HMA/UTshognam/Tib/26 is severely damaged in places, rendering important parts of the text unreadable. HMA/UTshognam/Tib/27 is clearly a rough draft of the same document, and although its meaning in unclear in various places because of erasures and intercalated text, its physical condition is better. The following transliteration takes Doc. 26 as the base text, and where possible fills lacunae by inserting material from Doc. 27. The inserted material is presented between asterisks (*…*).

  1. [±13S] *glo smad bha ra gha’ung gis a smal bka’ rtsar ’du | bka’ khrim bzhus ’don ngos tshogs gnam…* zhus len | ngos tshogs rnaṃs ’dod mi ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) — 1 | ’bu naṃkha’ (nam mkha’) — 1
  2. [±14S] *kun mdzom 1 nyi ma bsam sgrubs 1 tshug jo mo bka’ shegs 1 bcas mi lnga’i ming…* [ngo]s mi lnga’i ming su kho bo dzar khro rgyal pas rdzun stong pha ribs hang song
  3. gis bka’ khrims bul len | don rtsa ’byung khung ’phrul med bzhu ba la | teng skya’i bu mo 1 yod pa grong bzhung mi rtsa yin dang dngul brgyad bha dho zhag
  4. yod tshod glo rgyal nas jo bdzam sling la snang ’byung zer pa dang sgo slebs jhi=/dhi= bye= dang | * jir byed dang* ngos nas ’bu zhing song zer rgyu phar zhag smig mthongs rtsams
  5. [±1] =i su nang = tshugs steng mas snya na zhing smos sar ’dad yod pa [1-2S] spa khro rgyal—1 spu rang ang rgyal 1—sted stag la—1 rjes
  6. rdzong zla pa—1 bcas dpung ’debs kyis ’bu mo phrogs grabs byas lag nas drud pa dang | ma rtang ’dzin nas ngos ’bun dngul 75 thog la bu mo’i a kyis tshi ring
  7. s[r]i [tha]r kyis ’bu mo khrid nas tshogs gnaṃ du skyel [1S] =o= [±4S] zhin ±13S *skyel du yong nas da lta chung dus bsos bzhin che dus bla ma yab sras kyis zhabs bstog ’phul yong zer ba’i bshad pa sgo bzhin a kyi dus kyi yig ge cha spang kyang yod la ma tshad lo 5 nas bzung da lta’…*
  8. nas da lta’i ’bar la glo rgyal bdas steng yul rigs su nas kyang phral rig zha chags ’byung bskor bshad pa nge ma sgo bzhin | sa’u gzhan rigs nas ’bun
  9. thog phros slang ’byung ba la len thebs nas ngos rtsar da ’bar bzhag pa yin bzhes bshad nas kyang ma nyan par | bu mo lag drud nas khyer zer dugs pa
  10. mi stang zer ’dzin pas ’gro zer gang khrid yongs pas bzhing dgu ’bud [1S?] *bzhing dgu bung tsham…* khong gong gsal mi ngo rnaṃs nas ngos ’bur dung zhur skra spi dren med zos kha
  11. nas gang ’dod bshed ’byung ba phar bzhag nas | ngos mi lnga nas khro rgyal skra spi go bzung brkang zin gang gyel dbu ’dre [FIST] dogs zhur dren med zos nas
  12. am bhag nang byur dog ches chung 22 dngul 5 yod pa khyer phrog song zhus pa’i lan | dung zhur skra spi dren med byu ru dngul sogs phrogs pa yang med ngos mi lngas
  13. gang yang byas rgyu phar zhag thub pa yang med | dug gter mi bsad zer pa yang med | zla dun zhag dun nang mi nor phyugs gsuṃ med pa zos rgyu zer
  14. ==yung ’=u *zer byung zhus pa* pa med yang | ngos pha bu su nas kyang kha nas bshad pa med | [b]saṃ pa yang med sngon nas byas shes zer pa yang med | dngul brgyad phyag dam krad
  15. len byas tshar bzhus pa de yang ngos nas len pa med | dmag mthu gtad ngan rkun bsod byas zer bshad tshul de rnams kho bo’i byas pa nga la bshad
  16. na ’ang | kho bo rang gnong skyes pa yin gsheg 2S | 1S [1S] [1?]thu gtad *rang gnong skyes pa ’di yin sna ma tog rang don mthu gtad* dmag ngan rkun gsod nga nas byas nus pa dang | byas pa med
  17. byas rgyu bka’ lung shes pa yang med | don med mi nor phyug gsuṃ g.yong khag mi nus pas bka’ khrim ’byor pa mkhyeeen (mkhyen mkhyen mkhyen) | ngos la dung zhur
  18. skra spi khyer rgyu phrogs shi na khad med sman logs gter nas mi bsod jo blaṃ (bla ma) mag pa blaṃ (bla ma) gnyis zhus khyed kyis mi nor phyug gsuṃ zla dgu zhag dgu nang
  19. med pa zos nus kyis kha bshad byas pa’i don mtshan ma zod gang po bkris (bkra shis) zhu rgyu | nga la dung zhur dgong bshad ltar byas pa kho khro rgyal—1 | spu rang
  20. ang rgyal—1 | bsted stags la—1 | rdzong zla pa—1 | ’di rnaṃs ngos kyis ’ja ya yin | sted kun’ (kun dga’) skyi skyab—1 | tshugs spen pa lha mo—1 |
  21. khong gnyis dang mdangs kha chams rtsam ma tog sngon nga mdangs mi mthun pas mi yin pas khongs gnyis la mi ’gro | phya spang
  22. gzhan rnaṃs bha ti phya spang la ’gro pa yin | dgongs don tshang ma bden pa ma tog rdzun pa med | rdzun du song na bka’ khrim nas nyes chad gang snang kyang
  23. men mi zhu pa’i rtags | phya spang la | bster nyim (nyi ma) bsamgrubs (bsam grubs)—1 | tshugs brags kar spen pa—1 | tshogs rnaṃs gar skyid—1 | tshug dzoṃs pa—1 |
  24. joo (jo mo?) ka’ gshegs—1 | srang snyed—1 | tshogs rnams phur pa—1 | bcas yod |

1. sdod mi 2. pharep hang song 3. ’bul lan; ’khrul med zhu; grong gzhung; banḍhak bzhag 4. gnang ’byung; ngos nas ’bu zhing song zer rgyu phar bzhag mig mthong rtsam 5. snya na (SMT < yar); zhing rmos sar bsdad 6. dpung sdebs; ’phrog grabs; ma btang 7. bu mo’i aki 8. gnas kyang; khral rigs zha chag byung skor; ngas ma go (?) 9. thogtrö slang ’byung ba la lan thebs; zer ’dug 10. mi gtang; yong bas zhing; rdung gzhu skra ’bud dran med 11. ’dod bshad; skra ’bud mgo bzung rkang ’dzin gan rkyal; rdog gzhu dran med bzos 12. am phrag; byur rdog; ’khyer phrog; rdung gzhu skra ’bud dran; ’phrogs pa 13. phar bzhag; dug ster; zla bdun zhag bdun 14. dam sprad (?) 15. zhus pa; dmag mthu gtad ngan kun gsod 17. nor phyugs 19. ma gzod; rdung gzhu gong bshad 21. mdang kha chams rtsam ma gtogs sngon nga dang; khong gnyis; cha dpang 22. bādī cha dpang; gong don; ma gtogs; bka’ khrims; gang gnang 23. men mi zhu; cha dpang la

To the government court in Baragaon, in Lower Lo. A response from Ösal Dorje to the legal petition that has been submitted. This is a response to the extraordinarily exaggerated account that has been submitted against me, Ösal Dorje, resident of Tshognam, my son Namkha, Kundzom, Nyima Samdrub and the nun of Tshug named Kasheg (= Kemishag?). This is an account of what really happened. There was a woman of Tangkya who was of the main estate (?). The 8 rupees that were placed as a security were given to the noble (? jo) Dzamling by the King of Lo (?). Apart from the fact that I said that my (?) son had gone to the fields, as soon as [they] saw… was sitting above Tshug Tengma in an area where fields were being ploughed, Trogyal of [Dzar] Angyal of Purang, Tagla of Te, Dawa of Dzong almost teamed up and seized the girl and dragged her by the hand. But […] did not let her go but held on to her, and for 75 rupees her father Tshering Hrithar “… take my daugher to Tshognam”. When [we?] came to fetch her, her father [drew up] a document to the effect that “just as you take care of her while she is young, when she is older she can serve the lama and his son”: there are witnesses to this. Since I did not understand (?) that, for a period of five years, until now, even though (she?) had been residing in places such as De and Tangya, there was a shortfall in tax payments, there had been an argument over debts among other money lenders, and after receiving a reply we kept her at our house up to the present day; but even though I explained this, they would not listen. They said they would take the girl, dragging her by the hand, but [her father] said they would not let her go, but they came to drag her somewhere and … (?) Leaving aside the fact that the people named above beat my son, pulled his hair and knocked him unconscious, and said whatever they wanted to; in response the accusation that the five of us pulled Trogyal’s hair, held him by the head and feet, knocked him flat on his back and beat him with our fists until he was unconscious, then stole from the folds of his garment 22 pieces of coral of different sizes and 5 rupees: we did not beat him or pull his hair or knock him unconscious; nor did we steal his corals and money. Far from the five of us actually doing anything, we would have been unable to do anything. We did not accuse him of poisoning someone; we did not tell him that in a period between seven months and seven days his family, his property and his livestock would be annihilated; neither my son nor I said such things, and we did not even consider them; nor did I say that I had done such a thing (or: had learned how to do such things) in the past. As for the allegation that a sealed document had been exchanged for 8 rupees, I was certainly not engaged in any such transaction. As for the magical spell called the All-Killing Evil Warrior, even if he told me that I had performed this, he was conscious of his own guilt… I’ve never done it and I don’t even know how to do it, and I haven’t had the instructions with which to perform it. There is no substance in this, and it is not possible that this could be the original fault (g.yong kha) that might cause the loss of people, property or cattle. I request that a judgment be made on this matter.

(The meaning of the next sentence, ngos la dung zhur…bkra shis zhu rgyu, lines 17–19, is uncertain. The petitioner seems to be saying that he will not put up with the false accusation that he beat the plaintiff and pulled his hair, that a senior lama and a priestly son-in-law (?) accused the plaintiff of poisoning someone, and that he threatened the plaintiff with a magic spell that would annihilate him, his property and his cattle in a period from between nine months and nine days.)

Those who beat me, as described above, were: Trogyal, Angyal of Purang; Tagla of Te, and Dawa of Dzong. The following are my ’ja ya (?): Kunga Kyikyab of Te; Penba Lhamo of Tshug. Only yesterday did [my accuser?] make an arrangement with these two; because we had a disagreement in the past I shall not go to them [to ask them to testify] (?). The other witnesses are on the side of the plaintiff (lit. “plaintiff-witnesses”). All the above is only the truth, with no falsehood. If there is any falsehood in there, I shall not appeal against any punishment meted out to me by the law, and to this I set my mark. The witnesses are Nyima Samdrub of Te, Pemba of Braga in Tshug; Garkyi of Tshognam, Dzompa of Tshug, the nun Ke[mi]sha, Hrangnye, and Phurba of Tshognam.

Line 8, bdas steng: Detang is the usual contraction when referring collectively to the two settlements of De and Tangkya.

Line 15, kho bo’i byas pa nga la… “even if he told me that I…”: kho bo and nga have been taken as coreferents, i.e. to Ösal Dorje, whereas the kho bo in line 16 is understood as referring to Trogyal.

Line 15, dmag mthu gtad ngan rkun bsod: the name of the magical spell that appears in the three documents HMA/Tshognam/Tib/25–27 varies on each occasion, suggesting that it was not something that was particularly well known:

Doc. 26, line 20: mthu gtad dar drags po’i dmags brten ngan pas rkun gsod

Doc. 27, line 15: dmag mthu gtad ngan rkun bsod

Doc. 27, line 16: mthu gtad* dmag ngan rkun gsod

Doc. 28, line 17: mthu gtad ngan sngag skun bsod dmag dpung