Date: Earth Bird year, 5th month, 15th day, Sunday (1909)
Lines: 6
Script: ’khyug

Confirmation by Hrithar Tshering of Tshug that he has previously sold a field to Lama Ösal Dorje, followed by an agreement by the latter that he will provide Hrithar Tshering with a lifelong annual maintenance of 30 zo ba of barley.


  1. sa bya zla pa lnga ba’i tshes 15 re gza’ nyima’i nyin / tshog dgongs blaṃ (bla ma) bstan pa’i rgyal^n (rgyal mtshan) tshugs a kyis sri thar tshi rings gnyis bzhing gis yige (yig ge) ’bris ’don la /
  2. sngon bla ma ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) dang sri thar gnyis chu stag lor bzhing mda’ sa zo pa 5 sa la rin brgyabs byas dngul 50 mdangs ’bru bod khal 3 sdom nas zhing bde bzhin skal
  3. ba naṃ stong kho rog skar po naṃ gyur rtsang chu sngon mo gyen log naṃ yongs ’bar rtsong tshar pa yin / phyin chad dbu lang rang thad rtsam med pa srid thar tshi
  4. ring rang thad rtags the se [seal] slar srid thar zhu laṃ byas nas ngos naṃ shi thugs zhing la thog zo pa 30 res gnang thabs yod pa zhus 1S lo res la thog 30 res
  5. gnang pa yin ngos shi nas zhing skal pa naṃ stong ’bar dngul 50 mdang ’bru khal 3 la rtsong tshar pa yin / bde la snyed tsher ’brang skad rtsam med zhus pa
  6. srid thar tshi ring rang thad rtags the se (seal) gdon bde’i phya spang chos ’khor tshaṃs pa phur pa tshugs srid thar ’gro ma sted kun’ (kun dga’) bsaṃ grub gsuṃ zhugs pa’i rtags X

1. aki sri thar; zhing gi yi ge ’dri don 2. stag lor zhing; rin rgyab; 50 dang ’bru ’bo; bsdoms nas; de bzhin bskal 3. dkar po; nam yong bar; btsong tshar; ’ur lang sbrang skad tsam 4. rang ’thad; thug zhing 5. bskal pa; stong bar; dang ’bru; btsong tshar; de la brnyas gtser sbrang skad tsam med; rang ’thad; don de’i cha dpang; mtshams pa; bzhugs pa’i rtags

Sunday, the 15th day of a the 5th month in an Earth Bird year. The purpose of this written [agreement] between Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen of Upper Tshognam and Father Hrithar Tshering of Tshug is as follows. Previously, in the Water Tiger year (1902), Lama Ösal Dorje and Hrithar Tshering settled the price of the Dasa field, which has a seed capacity of 5 zo ba, as 50 rupees and 3 ’bo khal of grain, and thus the field was sold, until the world age should end, the crow should turn white, and the blue river should flow uphill; and Hrithar Tsering willingly set his seal to confirm that he would create no disturbance so much as the buzzing of a fly. But [I], Hrithar, later made a request, asking whether it might be possible for me to receive 30 zo ba of the yield, and [the lama] has [indeed] been giving me 30 zo ba of the yield per year. After my death, the field [must be considered to] have been sold for 50 rupees and 3 [’bo] khal of grain until the world ages end. In confirmation that he will say nothing contentious about this matter so much as the buzzing of a fly, Hrithar Tshering sets his seal. The witnesses to this are the Anchorite Phurpa of Chongkhor, Hrithar Droma of Tshug and Kunga Samdrub of Te, who set their marks.