Date: Wood Tiger year, 1st month, 15th day, Tuesday (1914)
Lines: 4; one line on verso
Script: ’khyug

Contract for the sale of a field in Te to Lama Ösal Dorje for 50 rupees.


  1. shing stags zla 1 po’i tshe 15 re gza’ 3 nyin | tshog gnaṃ blaṃ (bla ma) ’od gsal rdoe (rdo rje) mdang gsted spen pa gnyis tshogs gnaṃ zhing shags thang
  2. nyo tshong byas pa’i rin dngul 50 byas nas zhing ’di bzhin skal pa naṃ stong kho rog dkar po naṃ gyur rtsang chu sngon mo ’gyen logs naṃ
  3. yongs ’bar la skad mi snyan grang skad rtsaṃ mi zhu ba bsted spen pa dang ’bu mo tshe ring dpal mo gnyis rang thad rtags the po X bde
  4. yi phya spang bster gnyer pa gye long | bster ’bod la | rab ’byung dpal rtsang gsuṃ zhugs | yig ’khod nga rang bces yod |

1. shing stag; tshes 15; (rdo rje) dang; shag thang 2. nam ’gyur; gyen log nam 3. yong bar la; sbrang skad tsam 4. yi cha dpang; gsum bzhugs; bcas yod

Tuesday, the 15th day of the 1st month in a Wood Tiger year. Lama Ösal Dorje of Tshognam and Penpa of Te are engaging in a financial transaction. Penpa is selling Lama Ösal Dorje one of his fields in the river bed area for the price of 50 rupees. Until the world ages end, till the crow turns white and till the river flows uphill no unpleasant words as much as the buzzing of a fly shall be said about this matter. To this agreement Penpa and his daughter Tshering Palmo set their thumbprints. The witness to this is Gelong, the steward of Te,

Shagtang is the name of an old area of fields in Tshognam, situated near the dry river bed (shag thang). There were still some fields here during ND’s childhood, but they have long been washed away. The office of steward (gnyer pa) is one of several rotating positions in Te. The word dge slong, usually signifying an ordained monk, is also a proper name in Te.