Date: Fire Hare Year, 7th month, 21st day (1927?)
Script: ’khyug
Lines: 5

Agreement among the nuns of Upper Tshognam conerning the financing of ceremonies in the temple.


  1. me yos zla ba 7 tshes 26 nyin | mtshog rnaṃ gong gi blaṃ (bla ma) shag rkun dzoṃ dang | jo mo dod med mchog skyid rnaṃ kyi mchos sden yige (yig ge) ’bri don la don tsa gon ’di
  2. bzhis la zla ba ree (re re) la yar tshe 13 nyin mchos pa ree (re re) sngar jo mo yos dus mi re la mchos pa zla snyaṃs re ’phul yos bzhin da lta jo mo 2 ma togs med rten 2S
  3. {±6S} cu suṃ mchos {1} jo mo rnaṃs nas zla ba 8 dang blaṃ (bla ma) shags skun dzoṃ nas zla ba 4 lo lo ltar mchos pa byed rgyu dang yang jo mo yar s[2]es
  4. ’byung tshe ’di lugs kyi skod sles byed rgyu ’de min | rtags lha’i jo mo ’byung tshe lo re la zla ba 3 3 mchos pa byed rgyu mchos pa ’di la mi rgyur blaṃ shags rkun dzoṃ rtags |
  5. jo mo dod me rtags | jo mo mchogs skyid rtags | cha spang sgen nur bu rtags | rgan rdos ri rtags | rgan zla sridar (srid thar) rtags | yig bris pha 2S |

1. bla ma shag (Seke feminine particle); rnams kyis chod don; don rtsa dgon ’di 2. yar tshes; mchod pa; yod dus; ’phul yod; ma gtogs 3. bcug gsum mchod; mchod pa byed; yar skyes/rgyas 4. sko slad byed (?); mchod pa byed rgyu chod pa ’di 5. cha dpang; yig ’bri

The 26th day of the 7th month in a Fire Hare year. Kundzom, the senior nun of Upper Tshognam, and the nuns Döme and Chogkyi issue the following resolution. For the ceremonies that are held in this temple on the 13th day of the waxing moon, at the time when there used to be nuns in the past, each used to sponsor one monthly ceremony. Now, however, since there are only two nuns, they should sponsor these ceremonies for eight months each year, and the senior nun Kundzom should sponsor them for four months. If the [number of] nuns should again increase, there will be no need to have repeated appointments [to sponsorship] of this sort. If Tagla’s [daughter?] should become a nun, they should each sponsor three monthly ceremonies annually. To confirm that they will abide by this decision, [the following signatories] set their mark: senior nun Kundzom; the nun Döme; the nun Chogkyi; the headmen Norbu, Döri and Hirthar, acting as witnesses. The scribe is — (illegible).