Date (on last line): [no year], 11th month, 5th day, Saturday (1920s)
Lines: 11
Script: ’khyug

Letter from an unnamed sender to Amchi Namgyal of Baza concerning an outbreak of smallpox.


  1. mkhyen ldan lha byes rnam rgyal sku yi drung du |
  2. ngos bu med ches pa
  3. nad ngan brum pa rgyab stes bu med chung pa bu mo bu tsod
  4. bros rjes skags du dod yod | zla di tshes 15 la mar spogs ra
  5. phyogs la bro gos pa dang lus kos dkyed stan gang po
  6. snags dang bhags pa song stes byis rtab bral shing | da lam bhang
  7. mi ’dis dun kyed rtan rgya rdigs snyis dzong rnang dang yar
  8. bleb thogs phul chog pa dang | bhang mis dun dzin
  9. yang phul chog/yod | nang mo ches pa nad ngan dzin rdes
  10. zhags 13 song bu ru rnaṃ la shags rgyab gos bdug zer byung
  11. zla pa 11 tshe 5 res za 7 la kag nas phul —

Emendations (selective)
1. lha rje 2. che ba 3. ’brum pa; bu tsho (?) 4. bsdad yod 5. ’gro dgos; lus gos kyete 6. rnag ’bags pa; byed thabs ’bral; da lam ’bangs 7. mdun kyete; rgya thig 8. sleb thog; ’bangs mi bdun ’dzin 9. nang mo che ba; ’dzin de 10. buru rnams la bshag rgyab dgos ’dug

Letter sent from Kag by someone who does not give his name to “the learned doctor (lha byes for lha rje) Namgyal” (ND’s father’s father). The writer’s elder daughter is ill with smallpox (perhaps in Tshug?) and he is sending his younger daughter to Pokhara on the 15th day of the present month, i.e. in ten days’ time. She is now in Kag; her garments are polluted, presumably by contact with her sister, and she needs a change of clothing, and the writer requests the lama to send some to him. The elder daughter has been ill now for thirteen days, and is covered in pustules.

Lines 5, 7, dkyed stan, kyed rtan rgya rdigs (< kyete, kyete rgya thig): the first is tightly-woven woollen garment for women, worn outside the dress as a reverse apron; the second is a similar garment, distinguished by its design of repeated crosses.