Law and Dispute Resolution in Amdo

Fernanda Pirie’s research will continue to explore issues relating to law and dispute resolution in Amdo, beginning with a focus on the legal text referred to above, by placing it in the context of Tibetan legalism as a whole. This involves, firstly, more research in Amdo to collect information about the history of government and law in the region, through the collection of oral histories and the analysis of recent local histories. Secondly, legal texts from elsewhere in the Tibetan region need to be considered in their wider social and political context. This includes work on the zhal lce, a series of codes, copies and re-copies of a single 14th century formulation, which formed virtually the entire basis of the Tibetan legal tradition into the 20th century, but which have yet to be properly translated and analysed. Much could be gained by comparison with legal texts from the Tibetan Empire, with the Amdo documents and with those of other legal traditions.