Photographing Te archives
Photographing the community archives of Te, southern Mustang

The Archives of Mustang, Nepal

Working primarily in collaboration with Pema Pengyu (co-author of the three volumes of Sources for a Social History of Mustang), Charles Ramble will continue his ongoing research on archives photographed in this culturally Tibetan enclave of Nepal. The sources, amounting to some 3,000 documents (spanning the 17th to 20th centuries, but primarily from the 19th and early 20th centuries), will be transliterated, edited, indexed, partially paraphrased and translated and made available in book form and/or online as a source for the international scholarly community. Web access will be harmonised and coordinated with the digitised texts of the German team. Several articles and at least two monographs will also be published on themes emerging from the findings (e.g. local law and governance, civil society, resource management, taxation, social hierarchy etc.), considered in the light of the finding of the other research components. The documents will provide important source materials for the development of an online lexicon of legal and administrative terms, to be coordinated by Charles Ramble and Christoph Cüppers.