Before the conference:

All participants are kindly asked to fill out the form “Request for mission order” (in French “Demande d’ordre de mission”).

Since the form is entirely in French, you may find it helpful to take a look at this example: Explanations for the form “Request for mission order”.

When you have filled it out, please sign it, scan it and send it to as soon as possible, together with your bank account ID (except for those who have already sent it for reimbursement at former conferences of the project SHTS).

After the conference:

Please keep all travel boarding passes and tickets, as we will need you to send them by mail after returning home, with the form “Request for refund” (in French “Etat de frais”), to the EPHE administration (Address on the form). Again, you may find it helpful to take a look at this example (Explanations for the form “Request for refund”), in order to understand how to fill it out. Please remember to keep a scan copy of your entire original travel documents and forms before sending them by mail to the EPHE.