We are happy to announce the next Workshop within the ANR/DFG projet “Social Status in the Tibetan World” that will take place in the Bristol Günnewig Hotel Bonn on 30/31 May.



Tuesday, 30 May

9:45 Welcome and Introduction

Session 1

Chair: Peter Schwieger

10:00 Lewis Doney: Tibetan Social Statu(e)s: Anagnorisis in the Padma-vita tradition

10:45 Franz Xaver Erhard: Social Status and the Biography of Rdo ring Paṇḍita

11:30 Coffee/Tea


Session 2

Chair: Jim Rheingans

12:00   Peter Schwieger: The Semantics for Legitimizing Role and Status of Tibetan Treasure Finders

12:45 Éva Kamilla Mojzes: Cooks, Craftsmen, Criminals: the Others seen and unseen in the Autobiography of the Fourth Zhwa dmar pa (1453–1526)

13:30 Lunch


Session 3

Chair: Charles Ramble

15:00 Hildegard Diemberger: Hierarchy, leadership and responsibility: 15th century reflections from Chos kyi sgron ma’s rnam thar

15:45 Petra Maurer: Topoi or Facts? A Critical Analysis of Events in Ngawang Tshering’s Life

16:30 Coffee/Tea

17:00 Lobsang Yongdan: Inventing of a Tibetan Lama General: A Biographical Account of the Lama Kharpo (1835–1895)




Wednesday, 31 May

Session 4

Chair: Petra Maurer

10:00 Lucia Galli: All the Life We Cannot See. The Social Self in Tibetan Ego-documents: The Case of Kha stag ’Dzam yag’s Nyin deb (1944–1956)

10:45 Charles Ramble: Making the Right Match: Marriage Strategies and Social Pretensions in Two Modern Tibetan Novels

11:30 Coffee/Tea


Session 5

Chair: Franz Xaver Erhard

12:00 Lauran R. Hartley: Negotiating Class in Tibetan Fiction: Representations of social roles in early 20th century Tibet

12:45 Riika Virtanen: Could a Lion Cub and an Apso Puppy Be Friends? Social Criticism of Discriminative Attitudes and Practices in Modern Tibetan Novels

13:30 Lunch


Session 6

Chair: Jim Rheingans

15:00 Maria Turek: Return of the Good King: The Prestige of The Nangchen rGyal po in Contemporary Historical Narratives

15:45 Tsering Paldrun: The representation of social stratification in the Bonpo gter ma Klu ’bum nag po

16:30 Coffee/Tea

17:00 Kalsang Norbu Gurung: A debate on status of superiority and inferiority in the 18th century Tibetan literature

17:45 Business Meeting

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.