Emblems and Representations of Social Status in Tibetan Societies

24/25 November
Goethe Institute and Maison de l’Asie

The Second Workshop of the Franco-German Project “Social Status in the Tibetan”


9h00–9h15 Welcome and Introduction

Morning Session

Chair: Alice Travers

9h15–9h50 Peter Schwieger: Deeds and Status in the Early Ganden Podrang Government
9h50–10h25 Stefan Larsson: The Social Status of the Wandering Yogins
10h25–11h00 John Bray: Hats, Robes and Hybrids

11h00–11h30 Tea/Coffee

11h30–12h05 Petra Maurer: Buried Uphill or Downhill? Aspects of Social Order in the Land and the Ground
12h05–12h40 Lobsang Yongden: Misdiagnosed? Re-examining Lobsang Palden Yeshe’s Death From Smallpox in 1780

12h40–13h50 Lunch

13h50–15h45 Visit to the Musée Guimet for Conference Presenters

15h45–16h15 Tea/Coffee

Thursday Afternoon Session

Chair: Peter Schwieger

16h15–16h50 Charles Ramble: The Social Order on Display: Guidelines for a Nineteenth-century Ceremony in a Himalayan Principality
16h50–17h25 Alice Travers: Changing Emblems of Social Domination: a Brief Note on a Few Aristocratic Family Crests


Morning Session

Chair: John Bray

9h00–9h35 Jeannine Bischoff: Passing on Dependency among Central Tibetan mi ser
9h35–10h10 Kalsang Norbu Gurung: Who were the tax collectors in pre-1959 Tibet?

10h10–10h45 Tea/Coffee

10h45–11h20 Berthe Jansen: Ragtag Buddhism: of Storytellers and their Social Status
11h20–11h55 Teresa Raffelsberger: The Representation of the Ladakhi Kings of the Namgyal Dynasty in Written Sources from 16th to 19th Century
11h55–12h40 Film: Inside Tibet (1943), Documentary of Ilya Tolstoy and Brooke Dolan’s visit to Lhasa (US Government Office of Strategic Services)

12h40–14h00 Lunch

Friday Afternoon Session

Chair: Petra Maurer

14h00–14h35 Maria-Katharina Lang: Artefact Transfers and Objects of Relation
14h35–15h10 Saul Mullard: Drums, Bells and Silence: Status Symbols of the Multi-ethnic Aristocracy of Sikkim

15h10–15h40 Tea/Coffee

15h40–16h15 Fernanda Pirie: Brave Tigers, Heroic Warriors, and Skillful Mediators: the Many Lives of a Status Symbol
16h15–16h50 Jim Rheingans: Mind the Head: The Yellow and other Tibetan Hats and Some Curious Incidents Surrounding their Social and Religious Symbolism

16h50–17h30 Business Meeting